Best Studio Headphones For Recording In 2021

Headphones For Recording In 2021

Best Studio Headphones For Recording In 2021

For recording vocals at home in the future, you’ll need to be ready to choose the best studio headphones for the job. At present most cans on the market are great as studio headphones, but their limitations as live sound performers can limit your options significantly. There are a few headphones that fit this bill: Beyer dynamic DT880, Sennheiser HD 280 Pro, Sony MDR 7506. Each offers distinct advantages and disadvantages when it comes to recording vocals in your home, allowing you to select the one that works best for you and your lifestyle.

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The Beyer dynamic DT880 is one of the more inexpensive headphones available right now, which makes it an excellent candidate for studio use. Their smaller than average drivers help maintain sound quality even during heavy usage. They are also easy to drive due to their lightweight construction. They don’t have the great sound quality of the larger Sennheiser HD280 Pro or Sony MDR 7506, but they do compare favorably to many large cans.

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Sony’s MDR 7506s offer more features at a lower price. They don’t exactly have “proper” headphones for recording, but their sound quality is certainly above average for studio usage. They are however, more expensive than most cans currently on the market. You may have better luck finding them used, since they typically sell for a fraction of what they cost new. And since they last quite a bit longer than competing cans, you may not have to replace them for several years.

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The other option for studio headphones is the Sennheiser HD280 Pro, which is arguably the most well rounded studio headphone on the market. They have a huge sound volume, but only a small weight. You can easily pick up a pair and still feel like you are recording. They are incredibly quiet, but they don’t have a muffled sound quality like some other headphones on the market.

A third option would be the V-Zox Mini 2.8, which weighs a bit less than the Sony and weighs more than the Sennheiser. They are light and compact, which makes it easy to bring around with you when recording. They offer a solid sound quality, though not as impressive as the aforementioned headphones. This one is recommended for those looking for simple studio recordings that won’t blow you away with their sound quality, though if you plan to mix your songs then you will definitely want to spend the money on one.

In terms of sound, those two headphones hold their own. But those with active cables might feel a bit privileged to have such fantastic sound for such a tiny package. A common problem with cheap headphones is that they tend to pick up static or even unwanted noises from other audio sources in the room, which isn’t great if you are recording in a public space. If you are recording in a room where noise is unavoidable, then it’s best to choose a pair that has a cable output. The downside to this is that it makes it harder to mix with other equipment in the same room, but that really isn’t something that will affect the final product too much.

Studio headphones also differ in terms of durability and noise cancelling. If you are looking for ultimate noise cancellation while recording, then you need to find a set that has an extremely sturdy build. The Sennheiser understands this and has taken steps to make their headphones more durable. Their older models were susceptible to damage easily, which often meant that the headphones weren’t worth using after just a few uses. The newer designs are more reliable and durable, which should ensure that they last for many years of use. They also have rubber ear pads that help protect your ears from external noise.

Lastly, don’t forget to consider how well the headphones connect to your sound system. Some may have to deal with connections that require cable connections, while others will work with any system. The best studio headphones for recording vocals at home in 2021 will have plugs that work seamlessly with your sound system. This ensures that you get the sound quality that you want when you are working.


Headphones For Recording In 2021