How to make a rap song 

How to make a rap song

♪♪♪How to make a rap song♪♪♪

If all you ever did was rhyme and add bars to your song and add hooks then you would have written a love poem in five minutes tops. There are some very talented people out there that can write rhymes and hook lines that are amazing and they can do it in just a few seconds. There are some people out there that can take a mediocre song and spruce it up enough to where you may even consider putting it on the radio.

♪What are you going to rap about♪

What are you going to talk about in your song? Do you find it hard to find a subject? You may have a whole bunch of things to rap about but if none of them has a hook and a chorus then what are you going to do?

♪What are you going to rhyme

Can you find a rhyme pattern that is easy to match into your song? Does the subject of your song usually speak while you are rapping?

♪♪What are you going to flow out of♪♪

You may be able to use an instrument to make your beat a few beats faster or slower. But it doesn’t always come off well when you get to the end. What kind of flow are you working with? Is your topic laid out in verse form? Or are you following a more free flow style where you get rid of all lyrics and just move from one subject to the next?

♪How many bars do you have?♪

 How long should each of those bars be? Just how many minutes long should the verse be? You might find verses to be longer than verses. In general, verses last five bars, a chorus three bars, and an end verse or bridge two bars.

♪♪How to find A topic for your rap song♪♪

How to make a rap song out of writing rap beats is to keep your listener interested. You should have them wanting more. The last thing you want to do is bore them to tears with a song that they haven’t enjoyed listening to. They need to be excited every time they hear it. If you do use a lot of repeated stresses, this can help. It can add weight to certain words and parts of the song.

How to make a rap song from writing rap beats involves some heavy consideration of tempo, bass line, and the feel of the song. The beat should be steady, adding consistency to the lyrics. Rhyming should be limited to key words and short phrases. Also, it should be easy to sing the hook and verse at the same time. A lyric may only need a chorus, bridge, or both at once.

♪♪Start writing your lyrics♪♪

How to make a rap song from writing rap beats usually centers on making simple rhyming lyrics. These lyrics can be about any subject. It could be about how a lady loves the color green, or it could be about how good she is at skateboarding. In general, the longer the lyrics are, the fewer syllables are used, so the words will sound cleaner.

It can also help to write a couple drafts of your song before you try to rewrite it in full. The best case scenario is to rewrite after you’ve written a couple of drafts. When you rewrite in full, you get to see what other people think of it. This could mean that the chorus works, or it could mean that the first try doesn’t work as well as you’d hoped.

♪♪Recording your rap song♪♪

One of the most important aspects of rap songs is keeping the beat consistent throughout the song. If one part is fast paced, then the other part shouldn’t be either. For example, if a listener’s tempo picks up right away in the second bar, then the beat should pick up at the same point in the second bar as well. If a rapper chooses a certain beat pattern but uses that pattern too much, it might not be accepted by listeners. Instead, they may simply change the pattern in the chorus.

♪♪Mix/Master your rap song♪♪

Rap songs can be challenging to write, so writers need to pay close attention to each part of the song. If a rapper chooses a pattern of bars and sticks to it, then the song will likely have better success. However, if the rapper randomly uses different rhythms, the song could have worse success. Overall, the use of lyrics and the use of bar patterns in songs determine the success of the song.

How to make a rap song