How to organize your songs,beats,lyrics,and more

How to organize your songs

♪♪How to organize your songs, beats, lyrics, and more♪♪

If you are wondering how to organize your songs beats lyrics and more on the computer, this article will explain how to do that. Many people have a hard time with their song-organization systems because they are either too lazy or too obsessed with the actual song structure itself. What you should be doing instead is expanding your music organization system by using Google Drive and some other sharing services online that allow you to easily share your songs. You may think that your songs are already on some sort of music website or sharing site, but they actually aren’t. Most of the time, your songs are sitting in some obscure place on your hard drive that no one else even knows about.

♪♪organize your music with google drive♪♪

This is where the sharing sites come in handy and how to organize your songs with chagole drive. These services allow you to not only upload your songs to their servers so others can enjoy them, but you can also edit and modify these files in any way that you see fit. You can add new lyrics, change the title, and even add a graphics image of your choosing. Best of all, these services allow you to do all of this from anywhere in the world.

♪♪Expanding your music organization system♪♪

So, how to organize your songs with haggle drive? It all starts with backing up your entire computer. This means that if something happens to your computer (including a virus, human error, or accidental deletion) you can simply restore everything from scratch. Also, if you want to share your songs or anything else with anyone else you need to be able to save it to a flash drive or some other form of temporary storage device so that you don’t have to worry about your music being pirated.

♪♪Will it have lyrics?♪♪

If your song will have lyrics, start by writing what comes out. It doesn’t have to have a structure (we’ll get to that later). But a few basics will help get you started.

A good tool for lyrics is a rhythm dictionary . It sounds simple, but when you’re starting out it’s a good idea to find inspiration.

Write the lyrics with the instrumentation in mind. Trying them out with a piano or guitar will help you work on the lyrics better. If you “fiddle with your lyrics,” the other parts of the song will work.

The lyrics will also give you a central idea of ​​your song. Once you have found the idea, it will begin to flow more easily and the other parts will settle in a jiffy.

Don’t make your head too hot thinking about how to write your lyrics. The best thing you can do is let yourself go and write something personal and natural.

♪♪What is a song?♪♪

We all know many songs in fact we listen voluntarily and involuntarily dozens of them per day. But do we know what a song is? While music is the sum of melody plus harmony, the song goes further: it is the sum of melody plus harmony plus lyrics (or text).

In other words, song differs from music in that it has a meaning. In which there are words playing with it.

We will see this, how to make a song, that is, create the 3 elements of a song and integrate them in perfect harmony.

♪♪How to make songs?♪♪

To make a song there are several methods or ways to start. We will take a shortcut to find inspiration and to make it easier to understand the idea of ​​how a song is made or what the songwriting process is like. Here is one of the most frequent ways to make a song, of course you can vary the order

If we play guitar or piano we create a simple harmony. When I mean creating a harmony I simply say play 3 or 4 chords in a row for 3-4 bars. The idea is that each of these chords lasts the same time as the others and we give each one a rhythm that is obviously the same for all. Of course we can vary this and even put together a riff but we go slowly. That is, we have 4 bars of CFGC suppose.

At this point there are several ways, you can record the progression, write it down on the guitar pro (or whatever program you make music), play it with the guitar or your instrument. The point is that this base can be repeated tirelessly. Personally, it gives me a lot of results to do it with the guitar because one feels the vibration of the instrument, it is easier to understand and get fully into the song. If you use this method it is better to have a recorder nearby. At first it is embarrassing but ends up being too useful. If you want to know more about creating a base for the song: How to compose songs? . There you will find the basics to make the bases for your song. You can also 

How to organize your songs